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Service Propane Equipment

Maintain propane-powered equipment such as irrigation engines, generators, pickup trucks and forklifts to ensure best performance. As farmers gear up for planting season, now is the best time to ready equipment following a harsh winter. Maintenance early in the season lowers overall upkeep costs and keeps systems operating smoothly and efficiently. More than 865,000 farms in the United States use ... Read More »

Switching To Propane

What are the benefits of using propane-fueled irrigation engines over other engine types? By Amanda Huber Editor, The Peanut Grower When drying soybeans and corn, propane fuel is a popular, cost-efficient option for both on-farm and commercial facilities. Now, producers have the opportunity to gain energy efficiency in their irrigation systems with the use of propane-fueled irrigation engines. Pumping efficiency ... Read More »

PRODUCTION – Dangers Of Irrigating With Low-Quality Water

Intensive watering practices are a major concern for producers in areas where irrigation water contains elevated levels of salt. By Dr. Josh Lofton Growers throughout the Mid-South have grown accustomed to experiencing hot and dry conditions throughout the months of May and June. These growing conditions, coupled with rapid, early season growth rates experienced by corn, soybean and cotton in ... Read More »

WATER MANAGEMENT – ‘Rust Watch’ Improves Disease Management

Because soybean rust is difficult to see, everyone involved with rust is doing a better job of scouting for soybean diseases. By Carroll Smith After the mild winter that the Southern states experienced, soybean rust is on everyone’s radar this year. So far, patches of rust on kudzu have been confirmed in Louisiana, Alabama and Florida. LSU AgCenter pathologist Clayton ... Read More »

WATER MANAGEMENT – Flow Meters Increase Irrigation Efficiency

This tool also helps evaluate management practices, determine pump efficiency and detect well pump and irrigation system problems. By Chris Henry Water Management Engineer University of Arkansas, Division of Agriculture How many of us would buy gas from a service station that did not report how many gallons of gas we purchased when we filled up our automobile? Probably not ... Read More »