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Product News

■ Enlist Duo approved for use in additional states The EPA has approved Enlist Duo herbicide for use in additional states. A key component of the innovative Enlist Weed Control System, Enlist Duo with Colex-D Technology is the only herbicide to combine the proven performance of glyphosate with new 2,4-D choline for exceptional weed control in corn and soybeans. The ... Read More »

Arkansas Yieldbusters

By Mary Hightower University of Arkansas Soybean farmers set the bar high by breaking the 100-bushel-per-acre barrier. Some of the secrets of their success include early planting and following Extension recommendations. Matt Miles of McGehee has become the first Arkansas grower to break the 100-bushel per-acre barrier two years in a row. Miles squeaked over the mark, harvesting 100.609 bushels ... Read More »

Product News

Insect Growth Regulator For High-Yield Soybean Programs Cavalier 2L is an insect growth regulator for controlling insects in soybeans. It’s active ingredient, diflubenzuron, is a chitin inhibitor that provides excellent, economic insect control for at least three weeks. Cavalier 2L controls most insect pests, including velvetbean caterpillars, green clover worms, cabbage loopers, saltmarsh caterpillars and grasshoppers. Cavalier 2L has also ... Read More »

PRODUCTION – GA Variety Selection Tips

Making the proper variety selections is extremely important to the overall success of a soybean crop, according to Jared Whitaker, a member of the soybean team with the University of Georgia. Variety selection is a process, and growers need to seek out varieties that have high yield potential and high yield consistency, while not forgetting the characteristics of varieties which ... Read More »

EDITOR’S NOTE – More soybean acres, slower demand, lower prices?

By Carroll Smith Editor This month, Dr. Kurt Guidry, an agricultural economist with LSU AgCenter in Baton Rouge, shares his thoughts about the current soybean market. Following are his comments: Dr. Kurt Guidry: While historically tight supplies for the 2012/13 marketing year have been able to continue to support nearby soybean futures prices, weather concerns and a slowdown in the ... Read More »

PRODUCTION – Dangers Of Irrigating With Low-Quality Water

Intensive watering practices are a major concern for producers in areas where irrigation water contains elevated levels of salt. By Dr. Josh Lofton Growers throughout the Mid-South have grown accustomed to experiencing hot and dry conditions throughout the months of May and June. These growing conditions, coupled with rapid, early season growth rates experienced by corn, soybean and cotton in ... Read More »

INSECT CONTROL – Insecticide Double Punch

New product introductions and research are giving soybean growers more options to fight key pests that have been problematic over the past several years. It’s a welcome respite for growers tackling a number of emerging pest management issues. In Southern states, stinkbugs, armyworms, bean leaf beetle and soybean looper are often uninvited guests, lowering yield and wreaking havoc with IPM ... Read More »

WEED CONTROL – Learn From 2012

The 2012 growing season was one of extremes in many areas. Too little rain was received during critical crop phases in many areas, while some pockets had heavy, unpredictable rains and wind damage. In 2012, growers who planned ahead and built flexibility into their programs were rewarded with the best return on their herbicide investments. This proved true with both ... Read More »