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Service Propane Equipment

Maintain propane-powered equipment such as irrigation engines, generators, pickup trucks and forklifts to ensure best performance. As farmers gear up for planting season, now is the best time to ready equipment following a harsh winter. Maintenance early in the season lowers overall upkeep costs and keeps systems operating smoothly and efficiently. More than 865,000 farms in the United States use …

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Technology: SoilWeb App Accesses Soil Surveys

The NRCS’s Web Soil Survey began as an online tool for pulling up soils information. Now this smartphone app provides a much faster way to retrieve ‘all things about soils.’ A new smartphone application, or “app,” is available as a free download for both iPhone and Android users to access soil survey information. The app, SoilWeb, combines online soil survey …

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CruiserMaxx Plus hits the market

The EPA has approved registration of CruiserMaxx Plus insecticide/fungicide seed treatment for use on soybeans. It will join the CruiserMaxx beans brand family as a new formulation and will offer all of the benefits of CruiserMaxx insecti-cide/fungicide seed treatment, plus a higher rate of mefenoxam for increased protection against Pythium and Phytophthora, in one convenient product. CruiserMaxx Plus will utilize …

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